In their spontaneous new video, Chilean duo Marineros remind us about the inevitability of change, and that we should take it cool.

Late 2015, the Santiago-based group finally brought us their long-awaited debut album, “O Marineros”. Containing all of their best singles as well as some new material, it perfected the duo’s characteristic mix of airy vocals, electronic rhythms and nostalgia.

A few months later – in the middle of Chilean winter – they released a mesmerizing single “Torbellino”. And now, just when it’s getting cold in Santiago, receives a visual treatment from Soledad Aguila and Soledad Puentes (who is 1/2 of Marineros – with Constanza Espina being the other half).

This casual video employs simple but beautiful settingss to communicate a message of love and how it should always remain open for life’s constant changes, something we should welcome with openness, and even aloofness to a certain degree.

As winter is coming to Chile’s capital, Marineros offer us a few extra minutes of sunshine.


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