Антоха МС

Antoha MC is the most enlightening and upbeat person in the new wave of Russian music.

Like the previous album, this tells us how to become better with the help of the punchlines from posters of Soviet-era: do sports, live with a smile, make good deads on the whole earth. What the author himself says:

“The title of the album is ‘Tips for the newlyweds’ — we wanted to display one of the most important social themes — ‘Family’. The content of the album is about to please listeners with good tone, accurate rhythm; native, familiar and new answers and questions.”

“In the records, we used the old schemes for the formation of our compositions, new programs and devices, the normative pace. The album was organized with the help of the organizational department for events, the approval of listeners, the family hearth, housing and communal services city of Moscow and Russian cities.”


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