Power-pop energy from Sweden.

Five years ago 1987 flipped my world with his debut single ”Ocean” and his music was described as a explosion in slow-motion. Since then he has left the melancholic and smooth R’n’B-sound and moved from the backseat to drivers position. The deviant and detached single ”Amerika” from 2017 makes more sense now when he delivers a brand new single on his own label, without the muscles from major labels.

The new song is called ”En dag kommer du bli stor” (“Someday you’re gonna grow up”) and it’s filled with power-pop energy with vocals from the top of his lugns. Even though I really loved Victor Holmberg’s previous sound I can’t deny that I love when he sets the highway on fire with the ”guitar as his only friend”.

You can tell that Mr. Pop-perfection Adam Olenius from Shout Out Loud’s is the co-writer of this one and if the other songs is as the same level we’re in for something really special!


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