Costa Rica’s fine alternative rock group 424 is back on the map with a new single, “Las Olas”.

While the band started the musical project with some slowly pop songs back in 2009, their creations did not make it to the popular charts until 2012 when their debut album “Oro” was released, with such outstanding singles as “Al Hueco“.

The band’s main focus on creating resonant landscapes has been catching local audiences with popish songs increasingly, both in powerful and intimate shows. And after the release of “Oro”, the San José-based quartet went on touring outside Costa Rica, travelling all around Latin America.

For a while, there was no clue about new music or productions. In 2014, a live EP “Vivos” came out. And a year after, the single “Chica de Humo” single was received as a sign of hope people had been waiting for.

A few weeks ago, the band released a new song “Las Olas” (The Waves), announcing their official comeback after four years with a natural-mystical aesthetic over a well-executed rock song. In the official video, we can find the most obvious visual source – a footage of waves.

Mixed riffs and ohs ohs give us one of 424’s fuzziest songs with a dramatic and tropical feeling. “Las Olas” becomes one of 424’s greatest achievements before the release of the second album titled “Siempre Mar”.

We will be looking forward to hearing more new material. And right now, anyone can download “Las Olas” on 424’s official site.


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