A new sound has arrived. They call it SHAMSTEP. A sample-ised and electrified mijwiz paves the way for the unique band called 47SOUL. They came from Jordan, Palestine, Syria and the US to work together in UK.

With a huge support from their fans – including me – they recorded their first album in London, calling it “Shamstep”, and opening the record with an amazing “Intro” to their new style:

The roots of their music lie in Arabic dabke, a celebration dance music that 47SOUL take to the present with synthesizres, drum machines, guitars, and great lyrics and singing.

These guys came to break borders and bring forth a new generation of Middle-Eastern Arabic music. Lucky us.

You can stream “Shamstep” on Bandcamp or buy it here.


47SOUL on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.

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