5 Vymir

How often do you find a band that performs such profound and quality music that you can think about it for hours? 5 Vymir represents intellectual, complex and meaningful rock music in Ukraine.

Lyrics of their songs are just as important as the music itself; they are full of metaphors and double meanings. Musicians play with words, and a lot is hidden in between the lines.

Recently, they released a double single “Vichnist” (Вічність), meaning “Eternity”, which consists of the song of the same name and the track called “Kholod u Volossi”, or “Cold in the Hair”.

This single demonstrates striking growth of their creative power and music professionalism – and that’s just the start, as both songs will be a part of 5 Vymir’s second album to be released in autumn.

Deep and soulful, these tracks can’t be played in background. Listening to them requires full focus, you can even call them all-absorbing.

Memorable melody builds up the melancholic atmosphere, and the inner power at the same time. Very romantic, 5 Vymir’s music has a touch of brit-pop and psychedelia.

The band has two vocalists, both of them write songs. They also experiment a lot with sound. If you like authentic, sincere and original music, we highly recommend you to keep 5 Vymir on your radar.


5 Vymir on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud.

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