Second album from one of Europe’s most interesting, impatient and futuristic new bands is indeed a “High Performer”.

Last year, they played an amazing show at the MENT festival in Ljubljana – in a theatrical scenery, in a room packed with listeners who were sitting in total silence for a full hour. But last month, they had an equally fantastic 15-minute gig at the Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg, playing on a mini-scene in a mini-bus, between food kiosks.

You really have to see them live to appreciate how innovative, professional, and fun this band is. Still, they ain’t bad in the studio either. And listening to 5K HD with proper headphones gives you a proper chance to appreciate their multifaceted sound. You could call it future rock, or avant-jazz pop, or neo-soul, or post-something. They actually seem to have – to be – their own genre of music, and 5K HD seems like the right name for it.

Two years after their debut album “And to in A“ – the band’s singer also had a wonderful record last year as Schmieds Puls – we get to hear their second album called “High Performer“. It seems even more ambitious, diverse and futuristic than the previous one.

“High Performer” might include the most intense collection of songs you’ll hear this year, not just in Europe. So it seems proper the record takes just about 35 minutes. You’ll be happily tired by the time you finish “I Am Emotional”, which is just the third song, and right after this crazy jazzy experience comes, for a change, something operatic.

5K HD get bored easily. But (to an extent, sometimes) they can also write (a bit) more stable music, like their recent single “Crazy Talk” or the previous one titled “10/15” – both accompanied by videos – or a possible next single “Boulevard”.

But things you can expect from any 5K HD track, as well as from any of their live performances regardless of the scenery, are amazing vocals of Mira Lu Kovacs, a never-ending showcase of electronic textures and sound effects, and the most broken rhythms the continent can offer.

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