Having toured the world, Yemeni-Israeli sisters come back to their village in their quads and make that dance again.

It’s been almost 4 years since we interviewed these “three sisters from a small village in southern Israel”, which was right after they released their game-changing first video “Habib Galbi”.

During those 4 years, that video crossed 12 mln views just on YouTube, while the sisters Tair, Haim and Tagel Haim travelled the world, appearing on countless festival stages and posters.

However, when you hear their latest single and see their newest clip (directed by Omer Ben-David), you’ll see not much has really changed in their approach to music. They know where their roots are – and their strengths. At the same time, they’re bold enough to have fun with it, and share it with us.


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Photo: Ben Kirschenbaum

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