Abao (阿爆)

Soulful, playful and joyful. Using different approaches to combine traditional aboriginal music with a more pop flavor, Abao’s solo debut album “vavayan. 女人” is definitely on a top notch as one of the best albums made recently.

Originally, she was a member of music duo Abao & Brandy, which had won Golden Melody Awards in 2004. But the record company that released their album filed for bankruptcy the day after, so Abao (real name Aljenljeng Tjatjaljuvy) went to be a nurse for the living.

Even after more than 10 years of silence, Abao didn’t give up her music dream though. She invited the award-winning producer Arai Soichiro (荒井壯一郎) and cooperated with other talented musicians. The result – the Paiwan-language based album “vavayan. 女人” – gives the audience a different feeling of rhythms inducing the impulse to dance.

The single “Izuwa” (有) describes the differences of raising a family between traditional and modern Paiwan (排灣族) women. We may regard Abao as a music diva since her music will give you fresh feelings about life.

Stream “vavayan. 女人” LP on Spotify and iTunes.


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