ABOP is an cronym for After Je Bolji Od Partyja, which means After Is Better Than The Party. And it seems enough for your to understand the name of this band to guess what kind of music they perform.

The Zagreb-based quintet got the hype several years ago because of their frenetic live shows. Since then, they’ve been gaining both stage and studio experience and in April they finally released their first album simply called “ABOP”.

Dance-punk, electro-rock, psychedelic, disco, house, techno… These are only some of the genres they cover. For the proper adventure, you need to see their live shows. Until then, you can listen on repeat “Blue Thunder”, one of the hits from the debut album.

Stream “ABOP” EP in its entirety on Bandcamp.


Photo credit: Dora Šarić

ABOP on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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