Two drummers, analog and digital synths, and the bass.

In 2019, music in Croatia spread in so many different directions. Instrumental music, especially, showed that we have so many great artists that don’t get many chances for success. One of them is ABOP (After je bolji od partyja/After is better than party).

The band has been her for many years already, but at the end of 2019 they released their first album with five songs, called “Delta”. A recent single from the album is “De Laurentiis” and in this song, we can see what ABOP is about.

The base of each ABOP song are two drummers, analog and digital synths and the bass. Those five guys start to play with their sounds and the result is very danceable electronic music, something between house and techno. On the album “△ (aka Delta)”, most of the songs are about 10 minutes long, and “De Laurentiis” is the same.

If you need some music for the party – or afterparty – ABOP will always be a good choice. These guys are recognized musicians involved in many different Croatian bands, and playing together in ABOP they create perfect electronic music.

The best way to introduce them is to see them live, but if you don’t have such an opportunity, this video will show you for what are they capable of.

Stream “Delta” LP on Bandcamp.


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