Anonymous electronic producer Abraxsophia, once famous for remixing Saudi hit “Sabak 3eshq (أصابك عشق)”, got a very active Soundcloud page.

Quite unlike his almost blank Facebook and a “I am a useless member of society” intro statement to his mysterious profile, which all lead me to think this anonymity is quite intentional.

Abraxsophia by definition means “A material used for cleaning or smoothing, such as sandpaper”, pretty much what he does working on his tunes like “ra’ait mn ‘lajab ‘lwan” (رأيت من العجب ألوان); the mawwal from renowned Tunisian veteran Lutfi Bushnaq’s eighties hit “Hathey Ghenaya Lehom (هذه غناية ليهم)”, which isn’t the latest in his repertoire but definitely one of our favorites.

Further to the concept behind his name, Abrax polished the vocals of Bushnaq’s famous song, added his electronic touch of dub step mixed with qanoun improvisations matching the singer’s oriental induced variations paired with heavy bass line for a beautifully mixed rendition of traditional Arabic music.

A concept experimented by many but only mastered by a few, and we think Abraxsophia is a great example.


Abraxsophia on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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