Absolute Purity 绝对纯洁

Mix of post-punk, electronica, and psychedelic music from Beijing’s Absolute Purity.

Anxious, whimsical and potent in its delivery – Shanghai dance punk renegades Absolute Purity’s (绝对纯洁) long-awaited debut “We Fought Over The Moon” is a full course meal – a blissed-out mix of post-punk, electronica, and psychedelic music that is packed to the gills with surprises and some of the best sound design out there.

Led by swelling synths, driving bass, pummeling drums and the taut yet delicate vocals of Wen Jun (formerly of Guai Li) which vibrates from desperation to innocence with crackling ferociousness, the band recalls everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Health – yet stands on its own ground.

Alluring, challenging, heightened and yes, just a bit overblown – it’ll leave you dazed.

Stream “We Fought Over The Moon” LP on Bandcamp.


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