It’s not a new Netflix series. It’s a new video from exceptional Turkish group Adamlar.

This is one of the most beautiful mornings of İstanbul and Turkey, let me introduce you Adamlar. Actually, I thought that I did it before but surprisingly when I check beehype I realize that I didn’t. Better late than never.

Adamlar is one of the most successful bands of the Turkish alternative scene, and with their third album “Dünya Günlükleri” (2019) their fame became visible also in mainstream areas. Some of their songs were used in a TV series which is quite popular and it pushed them in a way.

Their debut album (2014) “Eski Dostum Tankla Gelmiş” is one of the most important points in our music scene, which got an incredible amount of attention and people loved their music with fancy melodies and rap like lyrics.

Then two years later, they released their second LP “Rüyalarda Buruşmuşuz” (2016), which also showed us that they are not standing still, but they are planning to leave a mark in here.

Their third album is like a proof of their mark. You will easily understand it when you listen and hear their music quality, their sound, arrangements, vocals, and compositions.

The video for “Yoruldum” was directed by Selçuk Demirci, and it has a dreamy atmosphere inside. The clip itself is at least as fluent as the song. I’m sure you will watch it as if you are watching an episode of a fascinating Netflix series. Lyrics and music of the video belonged to Tolga Akdoğan who is the singer and frontman of the band.

Not only the quality of their albums but also their live performance will show you why I mentioned them as one of the greatest band from Turkey. Which means if you have any chance to see them live, don’t miss it, I promise you will thank me.

Stream “Dünya Günlükleri” LP on “Spotify.


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