Adriano Galante

Even though Adriano Galante’s solo debut is full stars, it is an intimate, cosy and touching listen.

Barcelona’s singer-songwriter Adriano Galante, known as the founder and singer of the group called Seward, has just relased his solo debut full-length called “Toda una alegria“, and it’s both an impressive and intimate listen.

Impressive because he’s invited into his studio such acclaimed and acclaimed musicians as Maria Arnal, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Ana Tijoux, Raül Refree, b1n0, Rita Payés, Pol Batlle… as well as other Seward members.

On the other hand, from the first to the last sound it’s an intimate story as told by Galante’s soft vocals and whispers, surrounded by delicate guitar and piano sounds, warm reverbs, and some micro electronics. If you listen to “Toda una alegria” in a car or in a subway, you’ll lose half of the sounds, and half of the charm. It’s a perfect evening listen, preferably with headphones – though be ready for incredibly dramatic duo with Sílvia Pérez Cruz in “Al tanto de tanto”.

If you remember the classic Lambchop album “Is a Woman”, it had so many layers and still felt like an unplugged bedroom performance, without mikes and amplifier. Adriano Galante takes us to that same bedroom, but there’s a new tenant now.

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