Afous D'Afous

If you’re a fan of the one and only sound of Tuareg electric guitar, you probably already know the six-piece Afous D’Afous. Otherwise click play right now.

The group, fronted by signer and guitarist Kader Tarhanine, comes from the city of Tamanrasset in the mountainous south of Algeria, not far from the borders with Mali and Niger.

“Tenere” is Kader’s full-length debut album with his inspiring, positive-minded sextet. Initially released only in their homeland, the record won national and regional acclaim and now, finally, is available to all enthusiasts of Sahel music.

What makes Afous D’Afous stand out from other Tuareg music are the vibrant, multilayered arrangements that often make them seem like a small choir & orchestra gang.

Another distinguishing feature is the mood of their music – much more upbeat and optimistic when compared with all the nostalgia that dominates African desert music.

It’s certainly one of the most precious releases to come out from the Sahel region this year, or maybe even from all of the Earth’s deserts.

Stream “Tenere” on Spotify or buy it on Bandcamp.


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