A nursery rhyme suddenly turns into noisy alternative rock? That means the female duo Afrirampo loved by Thurston Moore has returned after 8 long years.

Drummer PIKA and guitarist ONI form one of the fiercest rock bands in Japan, Afrirampo, singing about what is happening with our great nature.

Released last week, “Potsu Potsu”(ポツポツ)is the first video off “AFRIVERSE”, their first album in 8 years which is coming out next week on September 16th. The title is an onomatopoeic word, which means the sound of rain.

In front of a waterfall, they sing that a rain drops, then it makes a river, then goes to the ocean, then evaporates to the air, and eventually the rain falls again. This video was filmed at Kumano, Wakayama, where ancient people believed is the entrance to the Pure Land or Paradise.

Japanese gods would be delighted with “Potsu Potsu”.


Photo: Shinryo Saeki

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