Agent Blå

The death pop-scene in Gothenburg is a well that never ever could dry up. If it began with Broder Daniel in the nineties it surely continued with Makthaverskan in the late 00’s.

Now its been 10 more years and Makthaverskan released a beatiful album this year but for me the real highlight was to finally lay my hands on Agent Blå’s debut album.

It’s nearly three years since they wrote the debut single Strand and I still hold that one as the best debut single released in Sweden the last seven years. The best thing is that the album contains nine more songs with the same level of quality. Emelie Alatalo’s voice is so huge and she delievers the words with a big amount of credibility and honesty.

Agent Blå isn’t only about pounding drums and pattering guitars like most of the bands on the death pop-scene. In songs like ”Frustrerad” (Frustrated) they bring melodies and rythm and they show that they really can write great pop songs without losing the dark heart. You could say that Agent Blå got it all covered, and this is debut album is something to hold close to your heart when you need something beside you through life. (Fabian Forslund)


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