Agrupación Capitán

“The sun, the city, the rhythm” – these are the main inspirations of a fascinating new collective from Argentina called Agrupación Capitán.

Agrupación Capitán is a new band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It started spontaneously: three former members of bands Dietrich, Furies and Pommez Internacional lived in the same house for four years. Improvisations turned into compositions, and these compositions converted in the first recordings.

“AlÍ” was the first track they unveiled from their debut and self-titled LP, already available. This song combines Latin and Afro rythms, almost tribal. Here, we call it “candombe”. It was inspired by the power of human voice and the perfect joint it makes a collective singing.

This collective epic is present along the whole self-published album: in its six songs, there’s never a main instrument or sound. Instead, they work as a collective, and there are guitars, synths, multiple voices and multiple rhythms.

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