Ah! Kosmos

Hypnotic/ritualistic electronic/rock music from one of Turkey’s most fascinating projects/producers of the recent years, Ah! Kosmos.

You feel the rhythm of two bodies fulfilling each other’s needs in the latest single from Ah! Kosmos named “Wide”, and featuring Özgür Yılmaz. “Wide” is also the first single from their fresh album “Beautiful Swamp” released by Compost Records. I mentioned Ah! Kosmos (a.k.a. Başak Günak) here last year, so I’m not getting lost in details about who she is. But I want to talk more about her new single and album.

Guitars, rhythms, effects, loops, then vocals come in one by one to make “Wide”. Then with its infinite vocal melodies and powerful guitar tunes that sound truly Turkish, you will find yourself in the center of this hypnotic/ritualistic music. In “Wide”, you will hear music composed by Başak and Özgür, lyrics are written by Başak, and she produced all other parts. There is also one more name to mention, Emre Malikler, who made mixing. He’s a great music man whose signature you can find on many brilliant works like this one.

And this beautiful music video is directed by Harun Güler, it is one of the most impressive videos that I have seen in a long long time. That’s why I recommend you not only listen to “Wide” but also watch the video carefully, which doubles the effect of the song.

Başak calls the recording process of the new album as both “challenging and healing”, and she is talking about some important names who have contributed to this beautiful album: Özgür Yılmaz, Leah Christensen, Emre Malikler, Elif Çağlar, Burcu Yankın, Yasemin Özler, Barış Ertürk, Carolin Haentjes, Mabel Matiz, Selen Ansen, Burak İşseven, Charlotte Kaiser.

Another beautiful aspect of this album is that you can find it also in the vinyl and CD formats. Enjoy the “Wide” some time – 5 loops is fair at first. Then keep on listening to all other songs of “Beautiful Swamp”, where you will find 9 more hypnotic songs from Ah! Kosmos.

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