Ahmet Ali Arslan

After some precious recordings, many concerts and a nice growing audience around the city, Ahmet Ali Arslan released his first EP named “Su Akar Deli Bakar” on Müzik Hayvanı, one of the greatest independent labels in Turkey.

He has a clear voice and he uses it wihout agitating and deforming in contrast to general deformation fashion both in Turkish folk and in the classical Turkish music scene.

Ahmet Ali started to play ney and fretless guitar in high school. But when he moved to New York, things changed and in a foreign land he needs Turkey’s sounds much more than before.

He also started to make a radio programme on WKRC where he plays lots of music from Turkey and this situation also feeds his soul with Turkish music.

When he returns to Istanbul, he meets people who share the idea of playing his music. And now we have their first EP – while they have a plan to release an LP without waiting long. Ahmet is also learning sound engineering and he keeps making a radio programme on Açık Radyo named Türlü every Thursday at 21.00.

You can stream “Su Akar Deli Bakar” EP in its entirety on YouTubeSpotify and Deezer.


Ahmet Ali Arslan on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube – and Pürtelaş 3+1.

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