Ainsley Farrell

“I’m currently at work in the studio finishing up the full length album Air & Sea, available early this coming year,” Ainsley Farrell, a Sydney based indie artist, tells us just after her debut single “Salt/Swallowing Sea” has come out.

“A lot of my music comes from the pleasure of escape into dreams, the sense of humility caught in the swells of the ocean, the resolution of standing at mountaintop heights, and the beauty of everyday human faults and folds.”

“The idea for ‘Salt/Swallowing Sea’ came to me from a reoccurring dream, in which I’m diving under waves as they gradually get larger and stronger. Except in my dream I somehow manage to end up safe on the shore every time the waves get too big.”

“‘Salt/ Swallowing Sea’ is sort of about surrendering to the sea and letting its powers swallow you. It also plays on blind love and tragic romance.”


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