Aistè’s “Say When” isn’t just a song, but a lo-fi soul tonic for today’s radio.

It opens with big sirens and chords before dropping the listener into the confident, but soulful verse. Overall, it’s sensual, powerful stuff.

You can hear Kanye West and Beyoncé inspirations in this tune. As the artist says herself, ‘Say When’ mixes Pop, Soul and RnB into 3½ mins of confident Glam-Pop, which is inspired by Beyoncé, Queen and The Doors. Aistè doesn’t like contemporary pop, but enjoys listening to pretty much anything from before 1997.

Music video for ‘Say When’ was shot on the same street as The Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ and The Arctic Monkey’s ‘Why do you ever call me when you’re High’. Aistè likes to say that she came from the East only to settle in East London.

‘Say When’ comes fresh from the Premises Studios and is a debut single of the artist Aistè and the producer of the song Kipras Varaneckas, both based in London and Vilnius, Lithuania.


Photo: Massiliano Malago

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