Brazillian singer, songwriter, and producer ÀIYÉ finally brings us her debut full-length album full of “Transes”.

Larissa Conforto used to be the drummer of Ventre, one of Brazil’s most intriguing contemporary rock bands. A few years ago though, she decided to go solo.

Under the nickname ÀIYÉ, she released her debut EP “Gratitrevas“ in 2020 full of electronic layers and her beautiful vocals on the top, yet with some intricate percussions at the bottom.

After that collection, the Rio de Janeiro artist wasn’t really active until this year, which brought singles “Onda” and “Diablo XV”, and now finally a full-length album called “TRANSES”, which brings 13 songs, or maybe one should say – 13 transes.

ÀIYÉ finds it hard to count her inspirations and feels a mixture things, but she not just accepts but fully embraces that, as demonstrated on the album cover of “Transes”. She even switches at some point from Portugese to Spanish (see below).

There are a few highlights on the album that will steal your heart on the first listen, and you wouldn’t be surprised to hear them on the radio, like the aforementioned singles.

However, over time you might discover that more quiet and contemplative tracks are the heart of “Transes”.

Stream “Transes” LP on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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