Ajsa Luna

Don’t let her soft voice deceive you – young Hungarian talent Ajsa Luna has some angrier undertones.

It is not the first time Ajsa Luna is mentioned on beehype, her previous album appear in the Best of 2023. Not much time has passed since that release, and yet both the sound and the lyrics on her new LP called “ILLEG*LIS PARTYK” sound more mature.

The base got faster, more upbeat with a stricter tempo. Songs like “Illeg*lis Party” or “Femi9” are on the dancier side. The singing is still rather soft and angelic, but combined with a more aggressive, almost house-like base gives it an angrier undertone. This combination further empowers Ajsa Luna’s socially aware and critical voice. It also reflects her role as an explorer of the world from the new generation.

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Her singing is soft, feminine, and young, almost childlike. She still expresses a lot of pain and anger, as she experiences growing up in a world that deserves her criticism. A world that is dangerous to her as a woman but also as a young person in general.

The texts are also raw and more personal. She sings from a more personal place, focusing on her own experiences rather than formulating generational critiques from a distance. It does not mean that she is less relevant or relatable to her peers. Singing about her relationships as a young woman and with other people, as well as with money, emotions or the patriarchy. She is not shy to explore sexuality too, which is another sign of stepping away from the young girl’s image.

This album is also a step further in collaborations. She is being joined by many artists, for example Beton.Hofi, who is one of the most celebrated among the new wave of rappers who emerged in recent years. It also helps Ajsa Luna to explore more genres and how versatile she musically is.

Stream “ILLEG*LIS PARTYK” LP on Spotify.


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