Alaska Gold Rush

Merging melancholy and hope in songs is something that artists from Wallonia and Brussels can do quite well. If you need another proof, here’s “Birthday Parties” by Alaska Gold Rush.

The joy of the title and the sunny riffs are contrasting with the sad lyrics and the downcast way of singing. Consisting of only two members, Alaska Gold Rush manages to create a sound that could come from a traditional folk or pop band, adding their own touch to influences from American folk music and folky indie rock.

Alaska Gold Rush will head to the recording studio in September. The album is going to be released on LUIK Records, known from artists as It It Anita, Lenny Pistol and Jeremy Walch. A small tour in amongst others France and Italy is planned for December, while lots of more gigs will be scheduled once the release date of the album is known.


Alaska Gold Rush on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp.

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