Alegría Rampante

“Dark ballad told through the metaphor of the haunted house” from Puerto Rico’s one and only Alegría Rampante.

Alternative queer-rock band Alegría Rampante established themselves as one of the Caribbean’s most exciting and sonically ambitious bands with 2015’s “Se Nos Fue La Mano” (Discos Diáspora). The group is fronted by Eduardo Alegría, whose previous musical project (Superaquello) is largely responsible for shaping Puerto Rico’s current indie music landscape.

“Este Cuarto Crece” (This Room Grows) is the first single from the band’s upcoming sophomore release, “Música de Antes, Volumen 1 y 2” (Music of Yesteryear, Volumes 1 and 2), which cheekily aludes to rock music’s reduced cultural cachet under hip hop’s current reign.

The song welcomes listeners into an old, dilapidated house with rooms that shift and grow as it reconfigures its floor-plan.

Alegría describes it as a dark ballad told through the metaphor of the haunted house, that balances
humor with dramatic elements in order to explore the inevitable relationship that exists between suffering and the human processes of maturity and growth.

Musically, “Este Cuarto Crece” sounds like a collision between the post-rock tendencies that Alegría Rampante favors and the work of other Latin-American groups from the 60’s and 70’s like Los Ángeles Negros (Chile) and Los Pasteles Verdes (Perú).


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