Alex Ferreira

We have known Alex Ferreira for a long time and we have listened to many Alexes in the way of his musical career.

The sober Alex, the electric, the Alex with string arrangements, the one who starts his career, the Alex who lives in Spain, but we have also met an Alex Tropical, and 2017 he introduced us to a new Alex, an Alex more mature, who has learned from his path and shows it in Canapé.

“Simplicity” the key word of this production, 10 songs where we find from a cover in English (An Audience With The Pope), songs with that tropical flavor (Ven que te quiero ver/ Me La Saludan) or dramatic (Que Extraña Tu Manera de Decir Que Sí) that undoubtedly leaves us one of the best productions in the singer-songwriter’s catalog.


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