Ali Suhail

Ali Suhail is back with new music and this time we had a really tough time picking one song from the new album, “Pursuit Of Irrelevance“.

This is Ali’s fifth release and it seems like it’s here to shake you up a little and put Pakistan back on the beehype map! For start, check out the song “Awaazen” and its super cool music video. Unlike most songs on the album this one is in Urdu.

I picked this song for the build-up. When you listen to it, the intro starts and you feel like an indie film just began playing in your head. Then the song picks up and it feels like the best thing in the morning to push you out of bed.

This song is when you make your way outside for the daily grind and the wind is blowing hard in your face. Doesn’t sound like an ideal situation but boy does it give you the push you need.

It would have been pretty easy to share one of the English ones for you all to understand, but once you get on board with “Awaazen” I have a feel you’re going to end up playing the entire album anyway.

We’re wondering why he tagged this song as “experimental” on SoundCloud, because he knows exactly what he’s doing, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Stream “Pursuit Of Irrelevance” LP on Soundcloud.


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