Alise Joste

Alise Joste is Latvian singer-songwriter and she describes herself as a very shy person. Music is the medium that helps her communicate with the world. And she does it very well by telling fascinating stories with her main assistants – the guitar and the piano.

Her first self-titled album was released in 2011, but for Alise Joste the greatest success came last year when her second album “Hardships are Ships” got the first Austras balva (award for best Latvian record in 2015, similar to Mercury Prize and Polaris Music Prize). This record also won Latvian annual music prize Zelta mikrofons as last years best Latvian singer-songwriter album – and appeared in our Best of 2015.

“Hardships are Ships” was recorded in Alise`s country-house and mixed by Gatis Zaķis, who has worked with many Latvian bands including internationally recognized Carnival Youth. The album was mastered by Joe Lambert who has worked with such artists as The National, Sharon van Etten, Sondre Lerche and others.

In Alise Joste’s both albums the listener is warmly welcomed to spend some time in a meditative and calm world where everything seems to be in perfect order. But unlike her first effort, “Hardships are Ships” sounds a bit colder and you can almost feel like being in the middle of the fog, but still the music is sincere and it pulls you in.

You can get the feeling in her recently released single “Mirrors” that was issued just before Alise Joste forthcoming performance at the The Great Escape festival in Brighton this May. And in summer you can also enjoy Alise Joste performance in the music Latvian festival Positivus.


Photo: Kristaps Jansons

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