Alise Joste

Imagine a world without danger, where you can devote yourself to contemplation. A world free of anxiety and full of mild and dusty color.

Such world was created and also inhabited by Latvian singer songwriter Alise Joste. It is a world you can experience in her previous album “Hardships Are Ships” (2015). But this time we are stepping into a new world of hers.

During these five years Alise has collaborated with many Latvian musicians in different projects, but this year she has announced the release of a new album. And the single titled “Piektdienas vakars” (“Friday Evening”) is one of its messengers.

I do not think that it is productive to compare artist’s later work to things she/he has done previously, but in Alises’ case it is quite interesting how she has matured as an artist throughout the years.

If “Hardships Are Ships” feels like a cocoon where butterfly-to-be feels nice and comfortable, then the single “Piektdienas vakars” gives an impression that the butterfly has come out of the cocoon and it has spread its wings in full color. Judging by “Piektdienas vakars”, it seems that Alises’ new album will differ from what she has done in the past.

Although her sense of music may have become more expressive and colorful, Alise has not lost the qualities we fell in love years ago – her sensibility, tenderness and music making craftsmanship. A new world is in the making and this is a world I am eager to experience.


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