Having released their debut EP in 2013, the Nice-based band Alpes came back in April with a new single, a now with new full-length record.

That single’s title, “Lune et l’autre”, meaning “Moon and the Other”, is a nice French pun refering to “L’une et l’autre” (“One and the other”). The track comes off the album “Between Moon and Sun” released in June on Deaf Rock Records and was accompanied with a video clip directed by Ghislain Garlin. He animated the artwork of the album, originally drawn by Ugo Gattoni.

The surrealistic and nocturnal video introduces influences behind Alpes’ music, which gather The XX’s basses and guitar sounds with some elements of chillwave in the Memory Tapes style during the chorus. The song and the clip are, literally, a cerebral and beautiful work.

Two weeks ago Alpes also released a second video off their new album called “Betogether”, this time in English. And the whole “Between Moon And Sun” LP is available in its entirety on Soundcloud.


Photo credit: Boby Allin

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