Amy Ayanda

Four minutes of beautiful electronic folk pop from Amy Ayanda, a talented singer-songwriter and an all-embracing multimedia artist from Cape Town.

It’s been a while since we last heard some new sounds from Amy, but now she’s back with a spectacular new song called “Jessica”. Initially produced by members of the fellow Cape Town group Birthday Girl, it also features guitarist Simon Lee, who’s been collaborating with Amy on her upcoming solo material – planned to be released in March next year.

Although Amy has been working with a saxophonist Jessica Sax, “Jessica” is actually dedicated to the Marvel character Jessica Jones. Abused by her partner, she eventually “manages to get away from her abuser with her child, who she feels shouldn’t be exposed to the abuse any longer,” Amy said about the track.

Thursday next week, Amy will have her first solo concert at The Waiting Room in the Long Street in Cape Town. She’s going to present all the new music she’s been working on throughout the year. Be there if you can!


Photo by Kent Andreasen

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