An Go

On “Affection,” the Santiago-based jazz singer finds her new musical direction.

An Go is a fresh project headed by Bernardísima Fiorentino, vocalist and musician mostly known from performing with vibraphonist Diego Urbano under the moniker of Cómo suspender su incredulidad desapareciendo por complete.

Together they employed unorthodox techniques and sound modifications, creating an experimental mix of pop melodies and jazz improvisation that defied conventional musicianship.

In contrast, An Go’s music is much more polished and nostalgically entrenched in the past. “Affection,” the first single of the project, mainly draws from art rock and dream pop, taking advantate of a full-band sound to dramatically portray the battle between fear and love.

The song is characterized by a lush sound with smooth saxophone solos and emotional vocal delivery. While its overall vibe might feel a bit histrionic, the ensuing waves of soft and ethereal sounds create a fluffy cocoon of musical bliss that allows the listener to indulge in a sentimental mood.


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