Ang Bandang Shirley

The Manila-based group’s latest album, “Tama Na Ang Drama”, appeared in our Best of 2015. But they’re already working on the next record and they’ve just shared the first single, “Umaapaw”.

A sunny video, time-reversed in the second half, accompanies an equally romantic song composed by the band’s main writer, Ean Aguila. In this 4-minute track, he’s managed to encompass all the features that made Ang Bandang Shirley’s decade-long career so remarkable.

Airy atmosphere, multi-layered but thick sound, and just-enough haunting motifs will keep you engaged at least for a couple of listenes, and we won’t mind if that’s also how Ang Bandang Shirley’s upcoming record is going to be shaped.

The septet’s third album will be released on Wide Eyed Records Manila, and while we’re excited to be waiting for the premiere, here’s the video directed by The Strangeness’ Shinji Manlangit and the band’s manager Kathy Gener.

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