Aniruddh Menon

Among 2017’s first recommended released from India is the debut album “Lovesongs” by Aniruddh Menon, out now via Consolidate.

Full disclosure; I’m a big of the work of Aniruddh Menon. Ever since I discovered his tune on the excellent Consolidate FRNDS & FMLY 16 release, during aspirational 5k training runs, I’ve dug deep into his releases – only to make me wish there were more.

The year 2017 brought in good news, with an entire album “Lovesongs”, making its way to the interwebz. “Looming”, with vocals from Benkii, is a righteous gateway into the mind of Menon, and a perfect passageway into his beautiful, delicate yet haunting release. Make it a longer song, damnit Menon!

Stream “Lovesongs” here.


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