Ansamblis Manta

You may think that using 1980s sounds in music nowadays is not so cool anymore and there is nothing surprising, but maybe you`ll think otherwise after experiencing Latvian band Ansamblis Manta.

The group is formed by well known musicians in Latvia. Edgars Šubrovskis was leader of group Hospitāļu Iela, but Edgars Mākens is from group Gaujarts, whose EP “Priekšnojautas” was among the best Latvian records in 2015 on beehype.

Ansamblis Manta’s debut album “Manta” was released in 2014 and it was immediately recognized as one of the best new records. It also won Latvian annual music prize “Golden Microphone” as the best alternative music album of 2014.

Ansamblis Manta’s approach to music is unique and special – they record on magnetic tape and the group pays respect to 1980s synth pop and new wave in a really creative way. They dress up retro nostalgic tunes and give them a whole new meaning.

I agree with group members that their music is not bound to specific musical genre, because their greatest value is the song. And the songs are usually well structured, tuneful and touching.

All these qualities are incorporated in Ansamblis Manta latest single “Eva Eva”. It is advisable to view the clip on VHS or on low resolution.


Ansamblis Manta on Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud.

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