Anthony Ocaña

“I’m sexy and I know it… it’s sexy and I show it.”

In 2015, the Dominican, Spain-based guitarist Anthony Ocaña, made a change in his musical career. As a sample of this change in his music, he released “In Trance (La Luna o Los Ritos del Amor)“, a masterful production where he mixed the classic style with modern, using repeaters, loops, effects, and even began to use his voice as an instrument in his compositions.

It was a work that went from the classic to the alternative and experimental with indisputable quality. In “In Trance”, you could find Ingram Marshall next to Animal Collective, Luis Dias sailing in the sounds of The Beach Boys, or Sufjan Steven playing with Astor Piazzolla, finally an album to remember and save.

For 2016, Ocaña re-discovered and edited it on “Re: In trance & In Trance Live Sessions“, where as a remixer he added and changed his own composition, as well as presented “In Trance” live.

In 2017, he finally returns with “Carpe Diem”, there the voice of Ocaña is the main protagonist. A game between sounds, notes and chords, as you listen to this song it might seem that is samples another song and another again.

But in fact, the only instruments he used were his guitar and his voice. So it’s no surprise to hear the following phrase in the song: “I’m sexy and I know it… it’s sexy and I show it”.


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