Anton Liljedahl

An outstanding debut of the talented young artist.

Anton Liljedahl is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist who moved from Sweden to his second home, Faroe Islands, to pursue a solo music career. Away from the clamor of the city life, he began writing songs and recently debuted his first single.

Listening to “Vónarsjón”, it’s hard to believe that its composer is just eighteen years old. This is because the song is truly majestic, exhibiting a level of mastery that parallels much more mature songwriters.


In a calm-before-the-storm fashion, it starts with a few piano notes, to suddenly erupt into an epic anthem, combining the power of rock with orchestral arrangements in an absolutely spectacular way.

Liljedahl is not just a amazing songwriter, though. He is also skilled in playing the piano, guitar, bass and drums. And, to make him appear even cooler, he has an amazing voice. Take all this together, and you can see a star in the making.


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