“We met last winter through some mutual friends at a Christmas gathering. A bit drunk we sat down and started talking and with a guitar suddenly appearing we started playing and singing along.

That was the birth of the band right there,” says Mons Lorenzen, a half of the new Swedish duo Anwai (Amadeus Rudolfsson is the other member.) “A couple of weeks after, Amadeus came back to town and we hit the studio for a week. We started playing music together before we became friends, so our friendship pretty much grew with the music.”

Asking is a song with divided meanings,” Mons continues. “We have both reflected our feelings in it. One of us was falling out of love and the other was falling in love. But when it all comes down to it, it’s a song about throwing your heart out there. ‘Lily, can you hear me’ pretty much sums it all up.”

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