Any Other

Adele is 24 years old and she’s from Verona.

Any Other is a musical project led my Adele Nigro. She was previously part of the duo called Lovecats, whose songs were delicate, sweet and dreamy. When the duo split up, Adele started playing songs which had more energy and were clearly inspired by US indie bands from the 90s, like Pavement and Built To Spill. She briefly had the moniker Ferry Pie, then Any Other started. Adele teamed up with Marco Giudici, a very good guitar player and producer. They also share the project called Halfalib, where Marco is the leader.

Two, Geography” is Any Other’s second album, and it carries a widened style compared to the debut. You can still hear the US indie from 90s inspiration, and there’s a similarity with contemporary female fronted project like Waxahatchee, Big Thief and Snail Mail. But there’s a jazzy flavor too, because a sax is often used but also because the whole arrangements structure has tempos and stop-and-go’s that can be related to jazz. Adele clearly said there’s a John Coltrane influence, and you can feel it.

Lyrics are very personal and some of their topics are past and present depression and toxic relationships. “Two, Geography” is a truly complete album, as it can amuse any kind of listening approach: you like it if you just listen thoughtlessly and also if you put a lot of attention on it. You can enjoy its intricacies and the profoundness of the lyrics, but you can do the same if you just care of how it sounds and flows.

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Photo: Simone Cargnoni

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