Apanhador Só

After four long years, one of Brazil’s most important alternative bands Apanhador Só is back with another unpredictable full-length effort.

Apanhador Só’s astonishing previous album “Antes que Tu Conte Outra” was full of tracks worth listening again and again throughout all these years that have passed since its release in spring 2013.

Over four years later, the Porto Alegre-based trio offers us 15 tracks than span just over 40 minutes, which already hints at the intensity of “Meio que tudo é um”.

Apanhador Só’s new material brings even more unexpected combinations of styles (from folk to alternative rock), deconstructed verses and abstract sounds than previous recordings, all of that mostly with classic set of guitars, drums, and vocals.

This also means “Meio que tudo é um” is not an easy album to digest, especially during the first listens, but rather a challenge full of noisy, edgy parts

Just like the first single “Sol da Dúvida / Sopro”, it demands full attention as well as some patience and even endurance. But it pays off, and Apanhador Só will certainly be a name many of us will be coming back to at the end of this year.

If you let Brazil’s chief experimentators and their guests show you around their kaleidoscopic world, you’ll return changed – which is both a promise and a warning.

Stream “Meio que tudo é um” LP on YouTube, Bandcamp or download it for free here.


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