Aqsa Alwasat

Alexandra-based duo Aqsa Alwasat (أقصى الوسط) have been combining Arabic words with folk and all kinds of contemporary influences for three years now. And they keep getting better and better at it.

Singer-songwriter Tuqa McAwi and multi-instrumentalist Amr Ezz started their band in 2013 with a simple mission: to blend their diverse experiences (symphonic metal among them) into their very own sound that would be as difficult to define as possible. And they clearly succeeded.

But what stands out most from Aqsa Alwasat’s music is, simply, its beauty. Listeners around the world have quickly recognized the duo’s feeling for melodies, rhythm, and enchanting atmosphere. And the band’s live performances are a thing to look forward to.

Aqsa Alwasat’s latest track, “Haga” (حاجة), is a great example of the talents mentioned above. In less than 3 minutes they manage to draw us into a picturesque musical scenery, with Tuqa’s angelic voice floating freely over an acoustic mini-orchestra.

For those who (like us) itch for more after some repeated listened there’s some good news. Right after sharing this siren song Aqsa Alwasat promised “more and more coming up soon.” We hold them to their word.


Aqsa Alwasat on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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