Arabian Alien

Our first encounter with Arabian Alien.

“🎶✨ Arabic experimental music” – that’s how Arabian Alien (الفضائيين العرب) describe themselves on Instagram, but it’s not another avant-electronic project of an enigmatic anonymous laptop producer. Quite contrary, it’s an enormously pleasurable music trip mixing pop with psychedelia with rap – and yes, a little bit of an experiment.

At least that’s what we know from their (apparently) first official video “Romantic encounter” (موعد غرامي), which was only preceded only by a weird introduction at the end of 2019 – Arabian Alien’s social media go back another year. And even if they’ve been working on that single video all this time, it’s been absolutely worth it because it’s fun to listen and watch.

The song itself is a downtempo mix of all mentioned above, and one of our favourite tracks from the Middle East in the recent months. But the clip, directed by Meshal Al Jaser, is a (space) oddity by itself, adding another layer to the overall experience – which might leave you stunned after the first encounter.

Arabian Alien, please keep coming back to the Earth!


Arabian Alien on Twitter, Instagram.

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