Arabs With Synthesizers

Based in Amman, Jordan, Arabs With Synthesizers are carving a sonic space out for themselves on SoundCloud with several releases including original productions, mixtapes, and remixes.

The electronic production project was started by George Rizeq and Basel Naouri, the latter of who is the keyboardist from electronica collective, Zaed Na’es (Plus or Minus). According to Rizeq, they strictly avoid the presence of digital instruments in the studio, instead opting for analogue synths: Roland Tr-8, Nobation BassStation II, Nord Stage 2, and the Korg Poly 800.

The Korg Poly 800 adds a special 80s texture to their production as it a discontinued machine used frequently in the 80s. On their SoundCloud, the original tracks including “Nabd” and “Lilllyleesh” are produced by George and Basel. Their mixtapes and sets make for enjoyable party music from downtempo to deep house, particularly “Filling The Gaps.

Arabs With Synthesizers on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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