Faauna are one of the pioneers in digital cumbia. The two MC’s Color Kit and Zai have been mixing cumbia, hip-hop, reggaeton and drum&bass since 2004, and transforming the foundations of the genre over the years.

After two albums and a worldwide tour – including a show in Coachella – this year they published their third effort, “Psicodelia Cosa Seria” via the Argentinean label Concepto Cero.

This new album, available in its entirety on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, is more aligned to the new wave of digital cumbia, scene shared with names such as Chancha Vía Circuito or Frikstailers.

The second track off the album, “San Pedro”, mixes religious and kitsch stuff, and it is accompanied by a pretty peculiar video which was recorded in the Cuyo region.


Faauna on Sondcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

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