Las Luces Primeras

Mariano Peccinetti is the mastermind behind Trasvorder and the art project Collage al Infinito (you should really check those artworks). But last year, he introduced a new band named Las Luces Primeras.

For his new group, he recruited Leandro Isaguirre (bass) and Gonzalo Martínez (drums). The sound and aesthetic is similar to Trasvorder’ ones, but for this occasion the identity is no longer himself but the band.

In August they published their first album titled “Sensualista” with cosmic and psychedelic sounds immersed in a ’70s vibe. Here’s one of the singles off their debut, “Mineral”:

You can stream “Sensualista” in its entirety on Bandcamp and YouTube.


Las Luces Primeras on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram.

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