Mueran Humanos

In an interview we had with Mueran Humanos a few months ago, they were so clear: “We don’t fit in any scene.” This Argentinean duo, now based in Berlin, has a long experience of being outside the borders of traditional music.

Carmen Burguess (former member of Mujercitas Terror) and Tomás Nochteff (former member of Dios, one of the most intriguing band of the Argentinean ’90s underground scene, with no guitars) started this project 10 years ago.

This year they released a new album titled “Miseress”, via the British label ATP Recordings, and the record quickly achieved worldwide attention. Below you can stream the song that gave the album its name. And just like the whole record, is filled with darkness and coldness.

Mueran Humanos on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.

Photo credit: Nichola Philölips

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