The video for “Eclipse total” perfectly captures the spirit of Aries’ music. An iridescent concoction of colorful shapes, accurately corresponds with the bubbly effervescence of Isabel Fernández Reviriego’s sound.

The song guides us through a dizzying tour of sparkly psychedelic pop, full of playful melodies, perky drum effects, and glittering synths. As if a rainbow exploded with a plethora of swirling light shards.

With her new album, “Adieu or die”, Reviriego, for the first time in her career, embraced fully the DIY approach. “I’ve done everything myself. Every sound is mine, every synthesizer, every melody, every beat”, she said in an interview.

An admirable effort considering the density of her music, where the echoes of 1960s sunshine pop seamlessly blend with contemporary Spanish neo-psychedelia.

You can stream “Adieu or die” in its entirety on Bandcamp.


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