Art Melody

A truly international album produced by artists from Europe and Americas, the new effort from experimental rapper Art Melody has a proper name: “Moogho” means “World” in the local Mooré dialect.

If you were following the recent history of Burkina Faso, especially the October 2014 events, you’ll easily understand why the Ouagadougou-based MC couldn’t ignore the political turmoil in his country.

He actually changed his lyrics so that the album “educates people about the next steps, in particular who to vote for, we can’t vote for someone because they give us a t-shirt or a bill, we should vote for someone with a plan, a strategy, and the will and energy to change the country,” he explained in an interview.

“Na Kiend Songo,” is album’s superb opener, produced by Réunion-based beatmaker Labelle. On “Moogho,” you’ll also hear sounds delivered from France, Finland, Poland and the U.S. One of the most diverse, engaged, and simply finest releases to come out of Africa in 2015.

You can stream “Yoogho” in its entirety here.


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